Monday, 23 June 2014

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Taylar's Quick Write for Light Images

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I.A.L.T - create a piece of writing that tells a story by capturing a moment. This will include details to describe the thoughts and feelings of the main character, as well as description about the environment/surroundings.

Splash! I zoomed through a muddy puddle. Mud covered my bike like a blanket. But I stopped to look at the amazing  view.
I was wondering if I should carry on? I looked up at the sun it was shining brightly , I guess I could go a little further.
Before I got back on my bike I thought about the squishy mud, the swaying trees and the peaceful sky (for now).
I climbed back on my bike unaware of the next muddy puddle. Mud went all over my face ‘urgh!’ I said to myself, I don't like mud.
It started to rain. I had a long way home and it was raining cats and dogs, not the type of day I was expecting! Well next time I should check the weather forecast before heading out!

By Taylar

Bella's Shadow Poetry

My Poetry about My Shadow
By Bella Wright 🔊

My Shadow stays close to me, so close to my feet.  
It doesn't chase the birds that go ‘tweet tweet’.

When I chase the birds it dances next to me.
My shadow dances and prances but when the birds go to sea, it doesn't start dancing it starts to copy me.

“Stop it” I would say then it starts to go away.
I didn't mean to scare it but I will soon repair it.

Once the sun comes back on a nice summers day.

New Year's Dance

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