Monday, 23 June 2014

Taylar's Quick Write for Light Images

Light 3.PNG
I.A.L.T - create a piece of writing that tells a story by capturing a moment. This will include details to describe the thoughts and feelings of the main character, as well as description about the environment/surroundings.

Splash! I zoomed through a muddy puddle. Mud covered my bike like a blanket. But I stopped to look at the amazing  view.
I was wondering if I should carry on? I looked up at the sun it was shining brightly , I guess I could go a little further.
Before I got back on my bike I thought about the squishy mud, the swaying trees and the peaceful sky (for now).
I climbed back on my bike unaware of the next muddy puddle. Mud went all over my face ‘urgh!’ I said to myself, I don't like mud.
It started to rain. I had a long way home and it was raining cats and dogs, not the type of day I was expecting! Well next time I should check the weather forecast before heading out!

By Taylar

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