Sunday, 28 February 2016


Over the past 3 weeks we have been doing lots of writing. We have written a piece about 'The Journey Through the Mind of...., it was great to see what each student has going on inside their heads.
Week 3 we started to explore 'Wow' words which are adjectives that help add description to our writing. When working on this writing we learnt how to use a thesaurus and this is now an important tool we use in our writing. We wrote a reflective recount on the Swimming Sports to include our 'Wow' words.
Week 4 we looked at how similes and metaphors can add imagery to our writing. We explored the use of these through song and looked for them in our journal stories.

Have a read of the examples below.
A Journey through the mind of Tom Edric Boyle.
Take a trip inside my mind, where you can learn  about me.   
At times I Like dancing and putting on jazzy music.
I have a family. I have a brother and a sister and a chihuahua and two cats and a dog.
I dream of Being a techie one day.
 I wonder how computers are made.
My hope is being a techie in a few years time.  
I can often be annoying but kind and helpfull. I am good at art.
When no one is watching I like to sing and dance.

This year I want to get better at MATHS!

A Journey through the mind of Jess

Take a trip inside my mind,you can go anywhere you want! Like Antarctica or maybe Space!.

At times at night I have dreams I can’t work out if they’re real or not.

In my family I have two sisters called Georgia and Emma, a brother called Thomas, Mum [Rachel], Dad [Dave], a dog called Gus and a cat called Mya.

Sometimes I dream of going to the moon with my friends and meeting aliens.

I wonder if I get to travel the world when I’m older and fly over the pacific ocean.

I can often  be found doing gymnastics and playing soccer. I also really enjoy jumping on the tramp.

When no one is watching  I will  hide under my bed and read for hours and hours.

This year I what to get better at spelling.

Swimming Sports
I could feel wavy water splish, splashing around me, as I raced through the icy water. I felt nervous as well as a massive rush of excitement scream through my veins, it felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders.

I could hear the enormous crowd encouraging their kids Go! Kick! Swim! C’mon! A little further. I heard  Mr Kinsey calling out the champions on the podium.

The warm sun was glistening off the water. As I was standing on the border of the swimming pool my eyes were fixed on the black T in my lane.  
By Charlie

Swimming Sports
I feel awakened like someone has woken me from a deep sleep.
I feel shaky as the horn goes and I dive into the water.
I hear yelling as I start swimming, I think it’s my Mum.
Suddenly I feel frozen , the water is as cold as an iceberg.
I also am heroic as I finish my swim and I find out where I came.
I see the finish line getting closer and closer to me every time I take a breath.
I see that Kate is winning I try hard to pass her, but it is too late she has already won. I come second.
I hear people screaming at the top of their voices, it sounds louder than a helicopter landing.


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